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Japan Seattle Innovation

Meetup & Seminar 2.0

Presented by;

Innovation Finders Capital GP, LLC

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.

Supported by;

Washington State Department of Commerce (WSDoC)
Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County (EDC)


Washington State Department of Commerce on June 9th
Surf Incubator on June 9th
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliff on June 10th

Executive Summary

Japanese delegation consists of 6 mega corporations, including Softbank, Hikari Tsushin, SMK, ISI‐Dentsu, Star Mica and Value Added Japan arrived from Japan or their US offices in search for innovations in Seattle. On June 9th, 105 audience attended meetup event at Surf Incubator. On June 10th, 15 Startups and other 11 leading organizations mostly from north western startup community met with 5 Japanese delegates for 76 one‐on‐one sessions in total at Orrick. After the event, 5 Japanese companies have been reportedly to work with these startups on deals for Japan market.

Supported by
Japan Seattle Innovation Meetup & Seminar 2.0
Major Japanese corporations are looking for Innovation, here in Seattle and we have 5 companies pitching technologies they are seeking for strategic partnerships, global distribution deals and Investment opportunities.

If you are entrepreneur looking for revenue oriented results, globally, then come to this exciting meet up where 8 major Japanese companies tell you how they would like to team up with you, and afterwards meet them to start your business relationship.


The aim of this event is to simplify the global business aspects of your business development by having your potential partners come to you so that you won’t be wondering around the streets of Tokyo!


So why would you want to team up with Japanese? Well, there are more than 800 $1Billion revenue companies in Japan and most have global distribution channel. Here in the United States too, large number of Japanese have established nationwide salesforce. And they have spent $100 Billion in International M&A last year and continuing its spending in Innovation.

Thursday, June 9th
•Seminar Program 14:00 – 17:00
•Followed by Networking Party
17:00 – 18:00
SURF Incubator
Wells Fargo Center
Who should attend
Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Business Development Executives, Investors, and VC.
Important :
Should any entrepreneur wishes to meet the Japanese delegation for one-on-one meeting on the following day, please contact us via email. (Must be C level)

The trade delegation of leading Japanese companies including representatives from:-

• Softbank Telecom is largest mobile operator with diversified global business including Sprint.

• Hikari Tsushin is largest mobile retailer.

• Star Mica is leading corporate housing management company.

• SMK is one of the largest mobile and CE parts manufacturer. 

• ISI-Dentsu is large SI with major clients from banks, automotive and manufacturing industry.

Value Added Japan is strong digital marketing firm.

Each of delegation will give exact details of what they are looking for at this event.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact organizers for one-on-one meetings with Japanese delegation.

The Shopping List

Each Japanese delegate has specific technology area they are currently looking for. Here is the list. Please use this to see if they are relevant to your business area and if there is a match, please come to this event.


Softbank is diversified Telecom, Media & Ecommerce giant that has global presence from Sprint in the US to Alibaba in China. They are looking for all areas of their digital business which are within Digital Marketing, SmartHome, Wellness, Connected Vihicle, Commerce&Payment that uses latest AI, Big Data Analytics. Their area of interest extends to block chain, AR/VR, Drone and translator.


SMK is one of the leading electronic parts manufacturer in Japan. They excel at radio parts for mobile handset, consumer electronics and automobile. They are looking for various cutting edge technology that will be used in future hardware, 1) wireless charging, 2) electricity harvesting, 3) UI for HMD for Auto, 4) Brain Machine Interface, 5) Imaging software, 6) Industrial IoT.

Hikari Tsushin

Hikari Tsushin is a large mobile distributer and retailer. They cater for the small business across Japan. They also sells copy machines and mobile related services. They are looking for products and services that can sell through their existing sales network of 20,000 sales people in Japan. These can be unique services, insurance system, hardware product and mobile application (non games) that can be sold as subscription business model.

Star Mica

Star Mica is the leading corporate housing management company in Japan. They are interested in Share Economy play in real estate, Real Estate technology and innovative services, AirBnB like management system, and co-working space management. Not interested in property investment deals but interested in teaming up with domestic companies that have unique technology for licensing.


ISI-Dentsu is a large SI subsidiary of Dentsu. Although they are known for ad agencies SI, they have a large business in the manufacturing and healthcare sector as they have been reselling CAD/CAE and other Saas based Tools. They have two area of interest. One is in the field of Industry 4.0. They have access to manufacturing and product development division of 1000 manufacturing companies and they are looking for industrial design tools, product development tools, VR/AR based industrial applications, industrial IoT platform, factory networking. The second area is in medical and pharmaceutical development area. They are looking for medical development tools and research tools in all area. Medical compliance management tools.

Value Added Japan

A panel of business development executives from leading Japanese companies featuring:

Innovation Finders Capital

Tetsuro Eto
CEO  ( former Senior IT Director at Dentsu )

Tom Sato
Managing Partner ( former Microsoft Japan executive and serial entrepreneur)

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Ted Johnson
M&A and Technology Companies Partner, Tokyo

Joseph Perkins
M&A and Technology Companies Partner, Silicon Valley


Innovation Finders Capital is based in Kirkland, WA and Tokyo, Japan. Its mission is to find innovative startups for Japanese corporations and connect the two with international business development support and assistance on venture capital investment and M&A.

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP is a global law firm with 25 offices worldwide ,including Seattle and Tokyo. The firm acts for more than 1,600 emerging tech companies as well as more than half of the Fortune 20 TMT companies. The firm advises 20% of the unicorns in today’s market, including some of the most disruptive businesses. In 2015, Orrick completed more than 300 venture financings raising $6.4 billion in total. Law360 named Orrick 2015 Tech Group of the Year for the second year in a row.

IFC invites key decision makers from leading Japanese companies, looking for innovative startups in greater Seattle area. One-on-one sessions with these companies are arranged by IFC for startups to meet with and pitch for.


Deligation from Japan:

SoftBank, ISI-Dentsu, Hikari Tsushin, SMK, Star Mica, and Value Added Japan

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