We Help Startups before We Invest… Here’s How

In 2015, Japan mega corps spent $100B for international M&A. We asked what kind of innovation they are looking for.

Based  on these “Shopping Lists,” we find innovative startups via VC alliance and with the support by Washington State Dept. of Com.

We help startups with their Japanese business development before we make our investment decision.

If the startup teams up with Japanese corporation, we invest to provide funding for Japan Business development.

We are Looking for Global de facto Standards

Japanese companies are looking for the next $100M product line. What they bring to the table is the crucial revenue for startups to prove that they are viable ongoing businesses.

There are obstacles and opportunities in Japan. We believe only the successful startups will be able to enter. Thus our portfolio will be a selection of the toughest global players.

We believe AI, Machine Learning and Big Data are technology enablers for all industries. Our investment area is technology agnostic. We will invest in anything from IT, material science, Fintech, robotics, and beyond with BtoB business model.

We don’t charge fees or retainers to startups or Japanese companies for our activities. We are pure Venture Capitalists with investment/capital gain business model. We help startups in advance because if we are going to help portfolio companies anyway, we want to make sure in advance, that they will be successful.

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